What to Expect




Expect to see the people you booked with!

We only take one booking per day and don’t take your booking then pass it on to another photographer. If we are booked already we will tell you.

Friendly and relaxed but in control

We want you to enjoy your day so we won’t be barking orders at you and your guests. With the list of formal shots you provide to us we can be organised and efficient and make sure this part of your day is done in a fun and relaxed way. We want to be capturing all the natural moments on your day too which is why we always work together.


We act in a professional manner and use professional equipment. We are fully insured. We are respectful too so you will not find either of us being rude to you or any of your guests.

No issues with copyright

If you choose to take all of your images on a disc then you will not be restricted by our copyright on those images. You can print them and publish them on social media without any worry of us coming back to you. All we ask is that you don’t use editing software to change the images in any way or to sell or use them in a commercial capacity.

Warwick House Winter Wedding_0023


We are highly respected wedding photographers in Warwickshire.