Working With You




Initial Meeting

As well as the quality of the work of the photographer that you choose there is also one key thing to take into account. Can you put up with this person or these people for the whole of your wedding day? It is critical that you meet up in person in advance of booking. During this meeting at Ani Evans Photography we will talk through what you are looking for from us. We don’t dictate how your day should run but can offer you advice and give you some guidance. We have sample albums to show you along with images presented in various formats so you can see first hand our work and decide whether it is what you are looking for.


If you decide that we are the photographers for you then we will send you a booking form and contract to complete. We will also ask you for a non-refundable booking fee. Once we have this then your date is secure so no chances of us being double booked!


We like to plan! We do this to take all the pressure away from you on the day so you can concentrate on enjoying the time with your family and friends. As a result we complete a couple of forms with you.

One will be all of your timings so that we can work around you and make sure we are in the right places at the right times.

We also ask you for a list of the formal shots that you would like so that we can put these in an order which minimises the time it takes to do them. From experience there is nothing worse than the group photos taking forever! The photographer is always remembered for the wrong reasons. There is also a place on the form to jot down any specific requests like certain areas you prefer at your venue or if there are certain items at your wedding that you would like us to capture.

We also ask you to give us the names of the key guests at your wedding. We don’t like shouting out “Mother of the Bride”, “Best Man” and “Matron of Honour”! Much better to use names.

Forever Photo Shoot

You can opt to include a photo shoot in advance of your big day. Some photographers call this an Engagement Shoot. For us it is an opportunity to meet up again so that we can get to know you better and find out what you mean to each other so we can capture your relationship in your photographs.

Wedding Day

You can expect us to work hard, be friendly but be efficient on your big day.

It has been known for Ani to put the camera down to help a bride into her dress, apply a bit of make up or attach a safety pin or two! Kev is always on hand to help the lads with buttonholes and cravats!

We want your day to be as special as it can be and if there is anything we can do to help this happen on the day then we will.


Your images will normally be ready for viewing within 8 weeks of your wedding day, although at the busiest times of year it could be a little longer.

You will be the first to see them. Nothing goes live on the website until after you have seen them apart from a few tasters on our Facebook page.

We invite you to our studio for a Premiere of your photographs which are set to music. We want this to be an opportunity to relive your wedding day.

What to do with your pictures?

If you have chosen an album collection then we will discuss with you your picture choices. Our albums are Italian, handmade Graphistudio wedding albums and the layouts are designed by Ani. This means that you get an album which is a true representation of your day. We were there and we have got to know you before your big day so we know what details were important to you and also the order of the day so we can tell the story. You can make your album totally unique to you with our bespoke album design consultation service.


You have an array of different products to choose from. We are a supplier of stunning Italian Wall Art, the kind of thing when it is on your wall that will make your friends go “Wow!”

The Future

You will know where we are! If you, your family or friends want more prints or finished products in the future you are always welcome to contact us even if it is 12 months or more down the line. We won’t forget you. Oh and of course there may be other family events that you want us to photograph in the future.