When we first met Emma and Mark there were two things I remember particularly. One was they knew exactly where their signature frame was going and the other was that they wanted Riley included in their pre-wedding shoot. Of course that was no problem. We are happy to include animals and children in these shoots if that is preferred. Riley by the way is a dog but I think Emma and Mark would probably agree he is a bit of a child to them too!

They decided on their venue Catthorpe Manor near Rugby for the shoot. Their wedding will be our first at this venue so it was a good opportunity to have a look around at some possible spots for photos. We had been to Catthorpe before but only with the Photo Booth!

We had a fab time wandering around the grounds. Riley managed about 20 minutes but decided that looking at Emma and Mark was far more preferable than the camera so once we had his shots in the bag he went to relax (sulk) in the car. Here are a few of the photos of a couple we are really looking forward to photographing.

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